What Happens in Vegas…

by on February 3, 2014


Hey Life Shotz Nation!

The most excited, fired-up champions in our business will descend on Las Vegas this weekend for our national Ignition conference at The New Tropicana!

When you leave, you will be a different person from how you came. Your mindset will be on track. You’re thinking will be right. Your motivation will be in the zone. You will leave with purpose.

It’s one big party packed with learning, inspiration, and fun. There’s nothing else like it. You’ve got powerhouse speakers, leaders in the industry, the best trainers in the profession, and outside experts on building the business!

Do you know what the most expensive part of Ignition is? It isn’t the registration or travel. It’s missing the one nugget of wisdom that can change your life that you won’t get if you’re not there.

We may be in Vegas, and you may throw a few bucks on the table, but don’t gamble with your future! Don’t play Roulette with your dreams!

Part of fulfilling your purpose and destiny is doing your part … and being at Ignition is your part! It can’t do anything for you if you aren’t there. Get your whole team there. There’s still time.

What happens in Vegas this weekend, will ripple across these United States, Canada and Sweden and cause growth the likes of which this company has yet to see!

I look forward to seeing and hugging every single one of you this weekend!

I love you and believe in you!


How Free Are You?

by on January 27, 2014

blog header timemoneyHey Life Shotz Nation!

What time will you get up (not wake up!) tomorrow? What will you be doing at 2pm?

Where will you take your next vacation? Will you take a weekend getaway this month? Will you splurge a few thousand dollars on something special this month?

Do you plan to go car shopping – at a luxury dealership – this month … and write a check?

Our business solves the time versus money problem. Most people that have time don’t have money, and most people with money don’t have time.

We provide both.

To be living in a free country, and not be free, is a tragedy. More people are enslaved by debt, jobs, and negative thinking in one of the freest nations on earth.

If you are going to a job tomorrow because you have to, not because you want to, then you aren’t free.

If you aren’t spending your morning, afternoon, and evening the way you want to tomorrow, then you aren’t free. If you can’t drive what you want to drive, vacation next month where you want to vacation, and splurge on what you want to splurge on, then you aren’t free.

There is a price to pay for freedom, but every free man and woman will tell you they’d do what it takes a thousand times over because that’s the only way to live!

Give it all you’ve got this week. Let your calendar prove how much you value your freedom and that of your family!

I love you and believe in you!


Why Are You Paying For Your Product?

by on January 20, 2014


Hey Life Shotz Nation!

Are you paying for your product each month? I know LSVIBE and Life Shotz are great, but wouldn’t they be even better if you didn’t have to pay for them?!

We have a program called Get 3; Yours is Free. When you get 3 Customers spending what you are or more each month on product, you earn yours FREE!

We have a lot of Brand Reps that haven’t paid for their product in months! In addition to their FREE earned product … they are also getting their cash earnings on the 15th of each month!

As you work your way to your Get 3; Yours is Free, you can even get discounts on your product after you have your first 2 Customers. So get with the person that shared Life Shotz with you so you can have a Vibe tasting party or sample out product to potential customers. Get 3 as fast as you can so yours is FREE!

This a fun program and doing the LSVIBE program with a support group will actually help you achieve better, and probably faster, results than you otherwise would have.

So get 3 so yours is FREE … and never pay for your delicious nutrition again!

I love you and believe in you!


Experience of a Lifetime

by on January 13, 2014


Hey Life Shotz Nation!

We’re almost half way through the first month of the new year! We will be descending on Las Vegas in a few short weeks to unveil things that will change your business …  can change your finances … and can change your position in life. In fact, who knows the full potential this holds for you?!

But it won’t matter if you’re not there. It can’t change you, grow you and get in you if you’re not there. There’s not a lot of absolutes in this business to be successful, but going to events is one of them!

Even if you have other obligations scheduled for that weekend, do what you have to do to be there. Be there Friday, fly to the wedding Saturday morning (yes, you skipped rehearsal), and take the red eye back to Vegas for Sunday. Sell whatever you have to in your home or garage to get the money to be there. Let your work know now that you won’t be there.

Whatever the obstacle is that is keeping you from being there, is the very obstacle that’s holding you back in your business. Because it’s how you’re thinking about whatever it is. It’s how you view the circumstances in your life each and every day that either take you closer to your goal or hold you back!

This Ignition Las Vegas is something special. New speakers, new and amazing information, inspiration, belief, and a fun Bling party, complete with a Talent Show, that will be worth whatever sacrifice you have to make to be there. This is not just another conference. It’s not “another Ignition.”

It is YOUR Ignition. It’s the launch to your new business. Click here to register today!

I love you and believe in you!


P.S. I know you’ll be there – that’s a given! Make this a team thing. Make sure everyone on your local team comes. Travel together. Pack sandwiches. Drive 20 hours through the night rotating drivers if you have to. But get your entire team there … even if it’s just one person!

The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now!

by on January 6, 2014

Hey Life Shotz Nation!

Welcome to 2014! You’re off to the races, busier than ever, and catching up from the holidays all while trying to start getting ahead and working on the goals you set for this year.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have all this stuff to do combined with a feeling of excitement and anticipation of what 2014 holds. This euphoric feeling often leads to lots of verbal excitement and commitment with little action on the critical few things that will get you the results you seek.

The best thing you can do right now is to look at your calendar. Your schedule is your only voice of reason in times of excited chaos.

What does it say?

Does it show you have your Weekly Get Together and weekly meetings scheduled? Does it show the dates you’re going to Las Vegas for Ignition Feb. 7-9? Does it have the Tuesday Opportunity calls in there? Does it have your Upline calls scheduled?

Making sure your schedule is aligned with your goals is the best action you can take right now to make sure you stay on the right track in 2014!

I love you and believe in you!


Do This ONE Thing for 2014 Success

by on December 30, 2013

Hey Life Shotz Nation!

Lots of people are making lots of resolutions for 2014. You’ll hear more about resolutions than you care to over the next couple weeks!

There are many good things to commit to in 2014 that can improve your life – how you eat, the choices you make financially, fitness, in relationships, etc.

But when it comes to your Life Shotz business and the goals and dreams that you’ve hitched to the Life Shotz wagon, there’s ONE thing you need to go into 2014 already checked off the Success To-Do list.

The ONE resolution you can make to ensure Life Shotz does in your life what you want it to is to register for Ignition Las Vegas.

Your commitment to be at Ignition Las Vegas is the one thing you can do to make sure 2014 doesn’t derail your physical goals, financial goals, and future with Life Shotz.

Once you’ve checked that off the 2014 Success To-Do List, there are two more things you can do if you want to make double-sure you hit your 2014 Life Shotz goals!

1. Choose your Business Plan and stick to it
2. Schedule your Weekly Get Together

Do these three things, and go into 2014 with a calendar schedule designed to help you win just by showing up!

That’s why it has been said that success is a habit – because it’s scheduled and becomes second nature. You have the Weekly Get Together because it’s scheduled, and you show up for it, and you know to do them. You are inviting to it based on your Business Plan selection or with reckless abandon, as CVO Richard Brooke says!

2014 will be the best year yet for Life Shotz. 2013 was a major turning point in the life of our people and business, and the programs and products for 2014 are beyond inspiring and will highly benefit those that follow the system. The future is yours, and it’s already here. All you have to do is say, “Yes.”

I love you and believe in you!


How To Invite Over The Holidays

by on December 23, 2013

Hey Life Shotz Nation!

Your business does not have to slow down during the holidays. The reason it does for some people is because THEY slow down!

It has nothing to do with the season. People still eat, take supplements, and talk to people. In fact, they talk to more people than they do any other time of the year!

The key is being confident in how to invite people to take a look over the holidays … without being obnoxious or feeling like you’re interrupting their lives.

Yes, people are busy. But they’re also in the habit of going out and doing things in the evening more at this time of the year than any other! This can work in your favor.

Plan an evening at your home to share Life Shotz – not just the product, but the program. The Four Year Career. The Opportunity. The whole goody bag!

It’s fine if it’s holiday-themed, but make sure you’re not just inviting them to a holiday party. Let them know it’s holiday-themed, and that you’ll be sharing your Life Shotz story.

Now you have something to invite them to that is relevant to the season and moves your business forward!

If they have another engagement going on that night, your response can be, “No problem, let’s meet for coffee in the next day or so to get caught up, and I can share what we’re doing with Life Shotz.”

The goal is for you to invite 40 people to your event, and when 30 of them can’t come, you schedule one-on-one meetings with them. It’s not, “Oh well, they can’t come so that’s it.” That is just an easy way to get the conversation started so don’t waste a perfectly good conversation!

And don’t just have one. You should have this meeting scheduled for EVERY single week! This is not a one-time occurrence. This is the right habit and behavior to build a giant business.

And lucky for you, there’s no better time to start than during the holiday season! Happy Inviting!

I love you and believe in you!


Life Shotz Partners with the Rypien Foundation

by on December 18, 2013


In this season and spirit of giving, I am proud to announce our new partnership with a local organization, the Rypien Foundation. Being able to give to our community and organizations like this is at the heart of what Life Shotz is all about.

The foundation is the premier provider of hope to families with children who suffer from cancer in the Inland Northwest. It was built with the heartfelt devotion of its founder, Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypien, who lost his three-year-old son, Andrew, to cancer. Mark and his family experienced firsthand what families go through when fighting this potentially deadly disease, and recognized the value that quality care can bring to both patient and family.

In the wake of his difficult personal experience, the Rypien Foundation was created with a commitment to provide HOPE for local families in the Inland Northwest battling childhood cancer. From Founder Mark Rypien:

“If we can help reduce the worry and stress families experience and create a relaxing and calming environment for patients, treatments will be more effective and the children will have a greater chance of recovery.”

They also identify and fund quality, community-based, non-profit organizations that provide direct service and support to children and their families battling cancer. They seek to support programs that are meeting a critical need in the local community by enhancing the stability, health and quality of life for children with cancer.

The foundation is supported by Underwriters who provide annual cash and/or in-kind services to support operational expenses. This allows 100% of the proceeds raised through special events, corporate partnerships and individual donations to go towards programs and initiatives. We have committed our efforts to their cause by becoming an Underwriter and look forward to helping families in our community. Mark Rypien had this to say about our new partnership:

“I’d like to personally thank the Life Shotz staff and Brand Reps for your support of the Rypien Foundation. We are so blessed to have Life Shotz on board as an Underwriter and supporting our cause. The work that you do is making a positive difference in the lives of families battling childhood cancer.”

Mark Rypien and the Rypien Foundation work tirelessly to support families threatened by childhood cancer. We are honored to partner with them to support their cause. They have become our friends and we are locking arms with them in doing what we can to help those in need.


The Missing Step

by on December 16, 2013

Hey Life Shotz Nation!

There are lots of complicated systems, processes, and protocol for building a Network Marketing business. But ours is simple. And it’s really all it takes to build your Four Year Career!

Our simple system – 1) Use, 2) Recommend, 3) Invite.

Most people are great at the first two. They use the products every day and like and share everything we post on Facebook. And the Recommend (Step 2) comes with the witty text that usually accompanies the picture of a Vibe party or Life Shotz in your daily life (leaning against a tree, on the counter, in the car, etc).

Where most miss the boat is Step 3. It’s the final piece that makes it all work. If you only do the first two steps, you’re just selling product.

Add Step 3, and you’re changing lives and building residual income with the Four Year Career.

What we mean by Inviting is to invite others to just take a look. They’ve already tried the product because you 1) Used it yourself and 2) Recommended that they do so too. So Invite them to take a look at what?

The Opportunity. The Four Year Career with Life Shotz.

Step 3, Inviting, is all about inviting them to take a look at the business opportunity and what it could do for them. It’s not just inviting them to try the product, gifting them the goods, or sampling it for them. It’s drawing the circles, sharing the income possibilities, showing them the Tribe Opportunity DVD, inviting them to the Tuesday Opportunity calls, and getting your Upline on 3-way calls with them.

That’s Inviting the way Step 3 is meant to be!

And when you get really good, you’ll start to Leapfrog  them while you’re inviting them to take a look! You’ll end up with a steady stream of home meetings and one-on-ones from mastering the Invite.

So much of the success you experience around building a successful business comes down to the frequency and consistency of your Invite.

If I looked at your calendar for the past 30 days, how are you doing on the frequency and consistency of the Invite?

I love you and believe in you!


The Main Thing

by on December 9, 2013

Hey Life Shotz Nation!

Success is being able to keep “the main thing” the main thing. In our business, it’s a matter of promoting the right thing at the right time. Your success in this business comes down to how skillful you become at one skill: promotion.

Over the next three weeks, you will be pulled in a hundred different directions visiting relatives, attending holiday parties, New Year’s Celebrations, and family/friend gatherings. Every one of us will face the challenge of keeping “the main thing” the main thing over the next three weeks!

There are two “main things” you should be focused on promoting this month:
1. Redeeming your Admit One tickets before they EXPIRE on 12/31
2. Using our gifting program, Gift the Goods, in your Back Office to share Life Shotz and/or LSVIBE

The first main thing is a business leadership activity (starts with leading yourself and getting yourself registered) with the goal of bringing your whole team! We have teams from all over the country that will be there, and you will definitely want to be with your team there!

The second main thing is a business building activity – it’s #2 and #3 in our Use, Recommend, & Invite formula. It’s sharing the products with potential customers and Brand Reps.

We know that to build a successful business, you need to invite at least two people per day each week to “just take a look.” Gift the Goods makes it extremely easy for people to take that look and try the products! It’s super quick to invite 10 people in just a few minutes by using Gift the Goods.

Just imagine how excited you would be if you came home one day to find a surprise magical gift package waiting for you! So why don’t you gift that feeling to everyone on your Names List? It’s a phenomenal investment in your business – one that gives you a great return on your investment!

Keep “the main thing” the main thing this month and make the holiday season work for you, not against you!

I love you and believe in you!