It’s Madness!

on March 21, 2013

Hey Life Shotz Nation!

The March Madness events have been building every week! We had our largest attendance last night and the highest number of pre-orders yet! (It was SO much fun setting more chairs out!)

The energy and the excitement was unparalleled. We have yet to find someone that doesn’t like this Shake! And to think – no blender, no milk, no fruit, no allergens, just YUM!

One of the things that has amazed our leaders the most is the kind of people that come and how they just don’t want to leave when it’s over! They love the “VIBE” so much, they just can’t get enough! (That’s your cue to tell them they can order the pre-order pack plus $49 Enrollment Kit and experience it every day from here on!)

We only have one more event on this 4-City Launch Tour – Visalia, CA, next Wednesday, 3/27 at 7pm PT. We are expecting our largest crowd yet so get there early!

Marriott At the Convention Center
300 South Court
Visalia, CA 93291
Steve & Amy Machado: 559.967.9448

We have had people drive and fly great distances to be at every single event (of course, they’ll be at Ignition too!). We had a couple fly in last night, 5 people who drove 3-4 hours, and 1 man that drove 6 hours! We had numerous guests – all of whom were extremely impressed by the company, the program, and the culture.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our time. It’s your time. Be there for it!

I love you and believe in you!


  1. Amy Machado says:

    It was very exciting to see last night! I can’t wait till it is our turn next wed.

  2. Alison Lucio says:

    The “Vibe” last night was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Am sooooooo looking forward to rounding out the FOUR city tour in Visalia next week:):):):) CAN’T WAIT!!

  3. Looks like fun was had by all! Great job you guys. The Vibe is awesome!

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